Guide for the application of the gender approach in the integral cycle of Episteme’s programs.


Sara Amos Rubio, David Pere Martínez Oró and Sara Saez

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Summary. Episteme’s staff should follow the guidelines set out in the guide when designing, executing, implementing and evaluating Episteme’s programs. The guide provides clear guidelines to make the gender approach the backbone of Episteme’s work. The incorporation of the gender approach is based on an intersectional reading of social reality. Intersectionality highlights the multiple oppressions suffered by multiple women. The purpose of the guide is to carry out research, evaluations and interventions that put gender differences and specific needs at the center. The guide is intended for the entire team of the entity: technical staff, program coordination, management, administration and interns.

Key words. Gender perspective, quality, evaluation, processes, implementation, monitoring, equality.

General objective. The objective of the guide is to facilitate the effective implementation of the gender approach in all phases and processes of the programs executed by Episteme.