Training. Prevention of harm associated with gambling.


Teaching team:
David Pere Martínez Oró

In charge of:

Sección de Drogodependencias. Servicio de Prevención y Promoción de la Salud. Dirección General de Salud Pública. Departamento de Sanidad. Gobierno de Aragón.

Over the last decade, the centrality of sports betting and gambling has increased in both face-to-face and digital environments. The higher prevalence, especially among younger people, has led to negative consequences. The new reality of gambling requires preventive and assistance responses. Professionals from the social, community or social-health services, municipal health/addiction technicians and representatives of the third sector are the ones called upon to meet the preventive demands in the field of gambling. These are professionals who, for the most part, due to the novelty of the phenomenon, are unaware of its particularities. The training “Prevention of behavioral addictions. A new challenge in public health” should cover the need for knowledge and skills presented by these professionals. The aim is to enable them to become preventive agents of the harm associated with gambling.