Qualitative evaluation of the Barcelona Drug Action Plan 2013-2016.


David Pere Martínez Oró i Oriol Romaní

Commissioned by:

Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona

Summary. Intervention actions in the field of drug use are inherently complex, as demonstrated by the PADB. The lines of action of the PADB show the multitude of groups involved, from citizens to professionals, including all types of target groups. Also, the interventions have different degrees of scope, both in terms of population and territory; some are generic and unspecific, while others are focused and specific. Within this framework of complexity, when evaluating the PADB, if we want to obtain quality results, we require multiple methodological approaches, including qualitative methodology. Within the framework of the PADB evaluation, the qualitative methodology will provide knowledge that will make it possible to improve the processes, effectiveness and relevance of the actions, in short, it will make it possible to optimize resources and increase their quality. Broadly speaking, in order to present its relevance in the evaluation of the PADB, the qualitative methodology makes it possible to capture the dynamic and changing nature of the phenomenon of drug use. It makes it possible to analyze, within the sociocultural framework in which they occur, the interactions between individuals and groups, capturing the symbolic and ideological value of their actions. Through direct observation, or the use of words, “data” are obtained that show the object of evaluation in its complexity. In the PABD, the qualitative methodology will provide knowledge on the aspects that make possible or impede the success of the actions and on the needs of the groups. In this sense, the speeches of the groups involved are essential to understand the reality of the PABD. The richness of their opinions and points of view makes it possible to understand to what degree and in what sense “the main measures of the strategic line” have been achieved, and what the deficits and successes have been. The qualitative evaluation focused on the groups will make it possible to improve the quality of the future PADB.

Overall objective. To qualitatively evaluate the Barcelona Action Plan on Drugs (PADB), focusing on certain groups considered to be of special interest.

Key words. Qualitative evaluation, drug plans, Barcelona, drug dependence, care, care resources, community, young people, ICT.