Diana Morena-Balaguer, MSc.

Social researcher



Diana Morena-Balaguer (Barcelona, 1995) holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF, 2017) and two master’s degrees: International Studies in Media, Power and Diversity (UPF, 2018) and Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies (UB, 2022). She began her career as a social scientist in 2018, developing research on gender-based violence from an intersectional perspective. Starting from the basis of communicative social analysis, she later specialized in the field of gender and society, and in 2021 she joined the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (CEIG) as a program technician. Since then she has combined the task of research in academia with the practical application of the results in trainings, and also as an equality technician. She is currently working at Episteme as a research technician.