Space for continuous improvement of local drug prevention plans.

2018 – Current

Òscar Parés Franquero and David Pere Martínez Oró

Keywords: municipal drug plans, behavioral addictions, prevention, risk reduction, evaluation.

Funding source: Diputació de Barcelona

Episteme Investigación Social coordinates and dynamizes the space for best practices exchanges between technicians of local drug prevention plans that are currentlydevelopingin Barcelona’s province.

The purpose of this space is to promote reflection and joint improvement of the interventions and methodologies that are carried out at the local level. It comprises 6 work sessions. The sessions work on the specific needs of each territory.


  • Organize and streamline participatory spaces to share needs and design improvementproposals.
  • Encourage debate to learn and reflect on the experience of professionals and generate shared knowledge.
  • Promote reflection on concepts and methodologies that are part of the implementation of drug prevention plans.
  • Encourage communication and dissemination of preventive actions carried out by local authorities.

The work methodology isparticipatory. The sessions are based on the specific needs of each territory. Likewise, knowledge is provided and practical responses are given to these needs collectively.