Sara Amos Rubio, MSc


Sara Amos Rubio (1987) is Program Coordinator at Episteme. She has a degree in Sociology from the University of Valencia and a Master in International Cooperation with specialization in Project Management and Development Processes from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
She began her professional career supporting a health inequality program linked to the Hospital de la Ribera (Valencia). She collaborated as a project technician in the department of Citizen Participation of the NGOD “La Cuculmeca” in northern Nicaragua, in coordination with the policewomen of the city, disseminating the law 779 “Comprehensive Law against violence against women” in a context of high vulnerability and disenfranchisement of women in rural communities. Member of the now defunct research group “Transformacció” of the University of Valencia, she participated in the organizing committee of the First Congress of Feminist Studies at the University of Valencia.
She has worked for years for the actionability of the gender approach through the implementation of equality plans in the private sector, training teams of more than one hundred people responsible for teams and the implementation of a leadership model with a gender approach capable of activating the protocol against sexual harassment. She was part of one of the consultants in Economical Behavioural Science for the efficiency and effectiveness of public policies and carried out several studies for entities such as Intermon Oxfam.
In recent years, she has worked on the implementation of the anti-racist approach through trainings to young people in formal and non-formal educational centers and the elaboration of reports of recommendations to be implemented in the centers. In 2022 she has co-created the “Guide for the prevention of hate speech in digital environments” aimed at education professionals within a program supported by the Department of Equality and Feminisms of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Currently, she is the coordinator of the “Community Service” program supported by the National Plan on Drugs. She ensures the monitoring of the objectives, the implementation of the gender approach within it and the coordination with the government team, the social fabric of the city of implementation, the management of nightlife and other actors concerned with the prevention of alcohol-related harm in nightlife contexts.

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