Evaluation of the “Responsible Service” Program: Effectiveness Evaluation




Sara Amos Rubio, Olatz Ribera Almandoz and David Pere Martínez Oró.

Funded by:

Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas. Convocatoria del Fondo de Bienes de Decomisados, resolución de 11 de setiembre de 2019.

This program is the needs assessment of the “Community Service” program and the effectiveness evaluation of the “Responsible Service” program. Based on the previous design of its evaluation, the objective of this phase is to evaluate the “Responsible Service” program and how its effectiveness could be improved. We conducted qualitative fieldwork by interviewing professionals who had implemented the program in their municipalities, a systematic review of the scientific literature on the subject and a review of the programs currently accredited for preventive effectiveness in Europe. We concluded that the program was useful for providing information to nightlife professionals on the main harms produced by alcohol, but not for demonstrating a reduction in harms attributable to the intervention. The gap between the “Responsible Service” design and programs that claim to be preventive is notable. At present, effective preventive programs are multicomponent.