Digitalization and virtualization of the evaluation and intervention processes of the program Servicio Comunitario.




David Pere Martínez Oró, Olatz Ribera Almandoz, Sara Amos Rubio, Paz Olaciregui Rodríguez, Sara Sáez Sánchez.

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In the second phase we finalize the process of digitizing the tools to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the program. Optimize the digital tools of the Servicio Comunitario program. The second phase is focused on completing the digitization processes, through it, we will be able to accredit the quality and effectiveness of the program. Prevention based on scientific evidence has as its fundamental objective to generate prevention programs that are purely preventive, that is, to be able to verify, through a robust digital evaluation system, the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the intervention. The digitalization of the most complex elements of the evaluation system is focused on indexing the program in the Portal de Buenas Prácticas of the DGPND and in the “Portal of Good Practices” of the EMCDDA. The objective of this phase is to reinforce the multicomponent nature of the program through the relationships and agreements established by transforming them into digital and virtual with the nightlife collective, the government of the experimental city, the technical staff of the consistory, the entities of social roots and the professionals of the prevention. A virtual training environment (virtual campus) has been designed to facilitate training for nightlife professionals.