Caliope. Asynchronous online postgraduate training in behavioral addictions: from loot boxes to casino games.



David Pere Martínez Oró, Olatz Ribera Almandoz y Joan Soler

Funded by:

Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas. Orden SND/1205/2021, de 5 de noviembre, para el desarrollo de proyectos en materia de prevención y tratamiento de adicciones, financiadas con fondos europeos, y su convocatoria para 2021.

Summary. Drug addiction professionals are required to respond to preventive demands in the field of behavioral addictions. These professionals, trained in the field of social intervention in general, and drug addictions in particular, are mostly unfamiliar with the phenomenon. This means that they perceive the need for training in order to know exactly what the problem is and, consequently, to be able to intervene. According to available indicators, it is to be expected that in the coming years the problems related to behavioral addictions will increase and, consequently, the training needs of prevention and social and health care professionals will increase, because in the current social reality, communication technologies in general, and sports betting in particular, occupy a more central place than drugs. Calliope optimizes training processes by offering quality training at an extremely efficient cost/benefit ratio. The program is developed through the Moodle virtual platform where students find the necessary materials to train asynchronously. The training admits students continuously because the platform and the design allow it. For each topic there is a discussion forum where the students raise doubts and reflections and the teaching staff solve them. When students are ready, they will carry out a final work and an evaluation of results that is compared with the initial evaluation to obtain data on the level of learning acquired. This postgraduate training has academic accreditation. Through this program we will have in Spain a continuous training resource that covers the training needs of a wide range of professional profiles at a low cost from the second year of implementation of the program.

Key words. Online gambling, sports betting, casino games, prevention, online training, asynchronous training, professionals, behavioral addictions.

General objective. To offer an asynchronous online training on behavioral addictions aimed at professionals interested in the subject.