Design of the evaluation system for the “Responsible Service” program.



Sara Amos Rubio, Olatz Ribera Almandoz and David Pere Martínez Oró.

Funded by:

Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas. Convocatoria Presupuestos Generales del Estado (PGE), Resolución de 20 de mayo de 2019.

Quality evaluation is the only valid, reliable and scientific strategy that allows us to know the effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency of prevention programs. The design of an evaluation system according to the needs of the national program “Responsible Service” allowed us to detect the keys to improve its preventive quality. Designing and setting out the recommendations for implementation facilitated a roadmap focused on evaluating its effectiveness: what effect it produces and whether this is as expected, its efficiency: what costs it generates versus what benefit, and its efficacy: whether it can be said to be a purely preventive program of the harm associated with alcohol and other drugs in festive contexts. The methodology employed had two pillars: first, the analysis of bibliographic material of different nature: that produced in recent years by the “Responsible Service” program, scientific articles, evaluation reports and results of similar projects, prevention guides, technical resource websites and the analysis of programs that accredited preventive effectiveness (STAD in Europe, Youth in Europe, et al.). The second area was interviews with key informants. Due to their experience and privileged position, they offered us valuable information to design the evaluation system of the “Responsible Service” program.