Mireia Gallardo Avellan,  McS.

Social Researcher



Mireia Gallardo Avellan (1979) graduated in Social Education (UOC), and has two master’s degrees: International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action (UOC) and Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies (UB). She has recently completed a University Expert Programme in LGBTIQ+ Cultural and Pedagogical Studies (UdL). For the last 22 years, she has been living between the Middle East and Southeast Asia where she has acquired her experience as a project and political advocacy manager, as well as a coordinator and consultant in monitoring, evaluation and learning, needs and feasibility assessments, research, training and capacity building, among others. She has also key experiences in some African and Latin American countries. Since 2017 she has been teaching in the BA of Social Education at UOC. Based on her work, with a (trans)feminist and intersectional perspective, she has specialised in issues related to human and women’s rights, displaced and migrant populations, education and psicosocial support, protection, violence, LGBTIQ+ persons and other minority groups, among others. She joined Episteme (2023) as a programme manager for research and evaluation in the field of drugs and behavioural addictions.